1. This is some crazy ass music that i developed in order to blow your mind and you brain. I took Pro Tools and made it my female dog. i used harpediation in order to play music without actually having any musical intelligence what so ever. I love music. Music is my friend. I chose i jungle beat because i love the forest and want it to marry me in the future.

    My game was a bout the jungle. You had to go through different levels learning how to approach the forest. A lot like prison there are crazy animals that you have to detain and sometimes kill #dontdropthesoap. this is my game i like music.

  2. This is the final countdown budda bum bum budda bum bum bum. For our mid term project we used pro tools, a more advanced and unlimited potential type of garage band. in this document we took a drum loop and snapped it to an ABABAB format. I then used the Midi device to play a couple loops of bass into my music. I was able to use to different tones of bass and mix them together as if they were one to put my bass sounds in. This was for lack of a better word friggin awesome. You were able to make a car chase bass mix with a fretless bass or a slap bass whatever you could desire. I then snapped the beats to a 1/16th note because i know its hard to believe i am not perfect and did not play it on point. After all that was done i used the compressor to make the beat thicker and the EQ to really make that certain flare pop out and engulf your mind with obliterating sound

  3. johnseybold:

    This is the first mix I completed using ProTools. ProTools is a lot more difficult than Garageband, but it will be able to help me become the musical genius I strive to be because it gives me a lot more control over what I am doing. This blues mix is just the first example of better, more creative work to come. yahdidahmean

    had nice btu but her teeth were busted wasnt for me yahdidahmean noooo

  4. This song was a blues mix given to us to edit in our new subject, protools. Protools is a more advanced and detailed garage band. When we got the piece of music it was not mixed at all. We had to take the liberty of mixing all the tracks using different techniques. With protools you could group instruments so when you faded or panned the sound it would move together. You could also add more detailed EQs and compressors to the tracks to make them sound more lively and in your face. The most intriguing and new addition to our mixing was the addition of the amplifier. You could add all the amplifiers to the different instruments like the rhythm guitar the bass and the solo guitar. NARF

  5. This is a marvelous sound created by multiple sections of MIDI. It is exactly 45 seconds so it can make it on to the morning announcements.